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 Teh Epic Forum Rules(Please Read Them!)

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PostSubject: Teh Epic Forum Rules(Please Read Them!)   Tue Jun 29, 2010 3:38 pm

These are PSP Universes Forum Rules. Whenever you first join, please read them to get the understanding of the forum.

#1: No Spamming

SPAM know as StupidPointlessAnnoyingMessages, should not be use on this forum. Using one word posts like this:

someone wrote:

Also, one smilie is SPAM too, like this:

someone wrote:

Long words like this, is counted as SPAM:

someone wrote:

Do anyone of these, and you will get 1-100 points in Spam Bar, depending on the type of SPAM.

#2: No Flame Wars

When you start a fight, if gets out of hand, report this to an admin or moderator. No one responds, YOU ARE TO BLAME!. You and your fighting buddy will get banned for a week. You friends will get nothing but good reward for staying out of trouble.

#3: No Double Accounts

If you are banned for some parent reason, don't make another account. It only get you into more trouble. Do it, the double account will be delete and the main account, well, we can say, will get more extra time in a ban.

#4: No Cursing

Cursing is not fun, even it's to harm someone or to play around, that will get you into trouble. Cursing can get you into 25-75 points in the spam bar, depending on what word you use.

#5: No Advestising

At PSP Universe, we don't want advestising. If it's put links to helpful guides, you fine. These are unappectable:

-Dirty Links

Do those, and you will get ban, for 2 weeks.

Follow these nicely good done rules, and you will be the man in no time!

#6: No Bumping

Oh look, I'm gonna bump this topic, NOOO!!!!

Seriously, if the topic is over two months old, leave it be. You do it, earn 10-20 points in the spam bar.

#7: No Mini-Mod

What's a mini-mod? Members who are doing our job. Let's say Hero bumped a topic and you say you bumped, you're doing our job. Do it, banned for 2 weeks.

Read these forum rules, you'll have a good time.

~Staff of PSP Universe~

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Teh Epic Forum Rules(Please Read Them!)
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